Brittany & Steve’s Wedding – Set Free Photography Blog

Here is one of my latest weddings blogged by Stacy with Set Free Photography. It was one of the most beautiful weddings ever. I have had the pleasure of knowing Britt and her family for many years and it was so exciting to work with them on bringing to life exactly what Britt wanted. I will never forget the look on her face when we would be “experimenting”  with decorations and whenever I would add that extra touch of bling her eyes would light up! There were no words needed, her mom and I knew that was what she liked when her  beautiful eyes grew big with excitement!

In addition I was able to make wonderful new friends when I met Steve’s parent’s and brother’s. They are such a precious family. Both Britt and Steve have been blessed to have such wonderful families. I’m so excited to watch their new family begin and see what the future holds for them.

I will post more pics later, but these are a few as a teaser…

Always a Step Ahead,



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